Hook up fans to power supply

More Power for Your Pc. Second PSU \ Power Supply 3 Steps It will probably run 100% all the time, which really isn't a bad thing if it is not too loud. All you need is A second powersupply wattage dependant on what you are running but most. Now you need to connect up all the hardrives\cdroms\fans etc.

How do I power 12v computer fans? - 420 Magazine Look for an opening in the case directly above the fan header or the fan hub can be moved to where the cable will reach. A 145 watt computer power supply is over- for a 5-20w fan. Try for something. After hooking these up, I was impressed with it. 2 things.

Connect a 4-pin connector to power supply - Electrical Engineering. If you have the Enthoo primo case, there is an opening just above the header, unless they moved it. Connect a 4-pin connector to power supply. Most fans with a separate PWM-speed-control lead are desned to run at full speed if that lead is.

More <strong>Power</strong> for Your Pc. Second PSU \ <strong>Power</strong> <strong>Supply</strong> 3 Steps
How do I <em>power</em> 12v computer <em>fans</em>? - 420 Magazine
Connect a 4-pin connector to <em>power</em> <em>supply</em> - Electrical Engineering.

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