Kenya and apollo hook up

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Kenya Moore Has Some Balls - Alloy I don't know if he was oblivious or into it, but he picked up a fully-clothed Kenya, threw her over his shoulder, and jumped into the water with her while she squealed in delht. Yeah, Phaedra's not gonna anybody out in the middle of stuff, but you are gonna get a serious talking to back at the cabana. Dec 10, 2012. She's sidling up to some Filipino rando, ing him a tall glass of water, grinding her ass on Peter's crotch, and getting frisky enough with Apollo.

RHOA Text-Gate Continues With Apollo & Kenya's Conflicting. And me crazy, but when he picked her up there was some rump-touching. If that was my husband, he'd be sleeping on the couch for the nht — and Ne Ne and Cynthia said the same thing. You already somehow didn't get yelled at for your antics the other nht…don't you think you should cut your losses? Dec 1, 2013. Not one to be shy, Kenya climbs on up and busts it open in the air, stallion booty. She's here to get to the bottom of Kenya and Apollo's texts.

Kim Zolciak trades insults with Kenya I thought maybe it was just a fluke thing from Kenya being drunk or something, but the next nht, she was rht back at it. Just be privately embarrassed that you were all over Apollo and silently vow never to do it again…don't go up to them and basiy remind them that you're a flirty little shit! This girl has balls the size of coconuts, and I honestly want to see her brawl with somebody, because I think she'd destroy them and I like to watch. The 38-year-old reality star made a brief, but explosive, return to The Real Housewives Of Atlanta for the season finale Sunday and traded vicious insults with Kenya.

Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks' husband, charged with fraud, identity theft Are on a couples trip to Anguilla this week, and she is taking. In her own words, “There's no shame in my game.” Yeah, you can say that again. Kenya brought her boyfriend Walter with her on the trip, and they weren't even yet by the time she started dropping hints about him proposing. I don't understand how and why Walter is still with her. Jan 25, 2014. Apollo Nida with his wife Phaedra Parks in 2012. She can't blame life, the devil, Kenya and anyone else. Phardrea is the one from the start as the lawyer hooked up with apollo to do her dirty work is going down y'all and.

Kenya Moore declares it's over with Matt I'm not a shy person, but watching Kenya go about her life legitimately makes me queasy because she crosses so many boundaries. I'm not even dating the girl, and it's making me uncomfortable. Kenya Moore reunited with her mercurial toy boy Matt Jordan on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Kenya, 46, convened with Matt, 29, to celebrate the.

RHOA Season 7 Tea! Professional Liar Apollo Nida Lied About Kenya. And by hints I mean they started out as blatant suggestions, and ended up as full-out demands, with deadlines included for an added bonus. Any time she starts making these noises, he just starts coughing or shaking his head. Last season, Apollo and Kenya were embroiled in a nasty feud after Apollo. It was also hilarious to see that when Kenya came to a sning of her workout DVD in my town, two people showed up. Log in. Or connect using.


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